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It was a normal night of Summer. The calming sound of the breeze, the relaxing wind blowing at you slowly, just perfect. A small rabbit, with dark brown hair, eyebrows, ear tip, hands and feet, slight light brown marking around the eyes and vanilla-ish skin, was doing a little night stroll around town, enjoying every single moment in the new town.

"This is truly beautiful, nelly..."

Until suddenly, she bumps into someone.

"Oof, I'm so sorry!"

Laying on the ground, the rabbit looked up, to see a purple-colored bat, with blue eyes.

"Hehe, it's alright, nelly!"

The bat offers it's paw to the rabbit, helping her get up. She dusted off her blue dress, with a purple heart, 2 straight lines that when near the heart, goes around it.

"I'm deeply sorry, boku! It's so many new villagers, I'm on a run! And since I don't deliver at day it get's even more complicated..."

The bat really looked stressed and tired. The rabbit looked at her, worried.

"Hmm... Do you need of some help, nelly?" The rabbit said, a smile stamped on her face.

"Wah, really? Thanks!" The bat stands it's hand out again. "My name's Iz. Thank you again on offering to help, boku!"

The rabbit grabs Iz's paw, and they shake them together. "My name's Rowellina, and I'll be really glad to help you!"


The next day, Rowellina woke up at around 8:00 am. She did everything she used to do in her old town: Eat breakfast, do some exercise, and a few more. Once done, she heads out of her tent, dressed up in the postman uniform. She takes a deep breath-in and out, and looks at the paper note Iz left her.

"Let's see... First one is Cider. Oh, neato! She lives right around here, nelly!"

She walks up to the house and knocks on the door. Who opens the door is a red panda, wearing what looked like a white shirt with an apple drawing near the right arm, green and white stripped short with a bandana covering more of it.

"Good morning, miss Cider!"

"Hello, chickadee! How may I help you?"

The red panda looked rather friendly, and also felt like a nice person.

"I got a package for you from the mail, nelly!"

Cider looked surprised. "Really? Thank you very much, Vanilla!"

".....Vani... lla-"

Cider grabs the package and holds it with a hand, the other holding the door handle. "Thank you again, chickadee!" then closes the door.


Rowellina got really confused by her suddenly calling her Vanilla, no more or less. "Alright then.... Next one is for Lucy."

Minutes later, Rowellina knocks on the door. A white-brown-dark grey fur colored corgi opens, wearing a blue jumpsuit with a few stickers.

"Good morning..!" Said the corgi. It looks like she just woke up.

"Good morning, miss Lucy! I'm sorry if I'm bothering, nelly, but I got you a package from the mail!"

The corgi widen up her eyes in surprise. "Whoa, arf! I'm excited to see what's in it now!"
Lucy started shaking her tail in excitement. "But... I thought the mail delivery only worked at night? Arf!"

"I'm giving a little helping hand, nelly!" The rabbit smiled, and handed the package to the corgi.

"Thank you again, miss!"

Rowellina walks away, waving to Lucy, and the corgi waving back.

"Alright, last one on the list is... Percipus Oc.... Ochfe.... Ohpue......... Percipus."


Some time later, she reaches his house and knocks. She almost jumps backwards when she sees the tentacles, but notices they are just part of a purple octopus. The octopus looked quite fancy, using a monocle, tophat, black tux and greyish red bowtie. "Good morning, young lady. How may I be of assistance, hmm?"

"Good morning, Mr. Percipus Ochfe.... Oche...."

"Percipus is just fine." The octopus interrupted.

"... Alright, Mr. Percipus! I got a mail delivery for you!"

"Oh. Thank you so kindly on getting this for me."

He grabs the package with one of his tentacles. After the goodbyes, Rowellina left the house happily. Her job was done.

"Whew... All's done now! Just gotta find that Iz bat again, nelly..."

She sighed. It was still 11:21 am. Since she was done, Rowellina headed to her tent and changed clothes again. Now it was time to enjoy some summer daytime.

Hooraaaaay first thing written like this you'll ever see me do v@

I hope it turned out alright, since it's my first time óvo

Cider - Azylumin
Lucy - Silver-she-wolf-14
Percipus - grooveysmoothie
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amberdragonling Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Great job! I love your snippets c:
Tails-Doll-Lover Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks ^u^
grooveysmoothie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Aww that was so cute >w<
Thank you for incorporating my character
Tails-Doll-Lover Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks, and your welcome :D
Lokibuns Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha :D Those nicknames ;w; You have Cider down lovely here! Great job! i better List down these nicknames for further reference.
Tails-Doll-Lover Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014   Digital Artist
Haha, thanks xD
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